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I seriously had the best time this weekend, and I have all sorts of fabulous things to say about it, but work is crazy. My boss is on vacation, I have added responsibilities (in addition to the temporary, vacation-related responsibilities) and by the time I get home all I want to do is watch Bravo for an hour and go to bed ridiculously early with my small four-legged companion.

Olive doesn't mind: she's wiped, too (no doubt sleeping all day creates its own special form of exhaustion).

Substance and a birthday recap will follow.


happy {long and birthday} weekend to me.

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I have tomorrow off from work and I'm heading up to Maine to run a 10k--followed by ushering in the big 3-2 with my family and celebrating Easter.

Wishing you the happiest of weekends!


sleeping cute.


I'm slowly trying to rid my dresser drawers of the old boxers and t-shirts I usually sleep in and incorporate some cuter pieces. Pants are completely out of the question because I get so hot when I sleep. It's gross. Surprisingly, I've had a ton of luck finding cute sleepwear like the items above from...Target! I'm a big fan of the Gilligan & O'Malley line. I was able to get the tank, chemise, and shorts for under $50--very Anthro-esque for a fraction of the price.


baby on board.

Don't fret, the baby is not growing in my womb--it's in my sister-in-law's! This will be the first grandchild/baby for the family, so we are all aflutter and ready to spoil this baby rotten upon its arrival in August. Here's what's on my baby radar (my babe-dar, if you will):

baby on board.

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life lately.

"Oh Joy" for Target cake topper for a certain someone's birthday on Saturday.
Yes, that certain someone is me.

Olive refuses to/can't go down the stairs at my parents' house. After an unusual period of silence while I was sitting at the kitchen table, I found her at the top waiting for someone to transport her down.

Looking forward to reading this while I'm flying to the Midwest for work today.


highlight of my week.

This week, for the first time since last November, I was finally able to go horseback riding outside. The snow has melted in the outdoor arena, and while it was a little bit chilly and windy up on the hill, it made such a difference. I think the horses were happier, my fellow riders and I were finally able to do a little jumping, and I didn't leave my lesson covered in dust from the indoor. It was definitely a high point, and I can't wait for this warmer weather to continue.

Happy weekend!